Movel AI Making robots move anywhere

About Us

Movel AI is building solutions for robot navigation based on advanced computer vision and sensor fusion.

We enable robot to operate at many challenging areas, including huge airports, crowded shopping malls, and highly dynamic factories.


Start up focuses on helping robots see and move better

Many robots can already see and identify objects but artificial intelligence start-up Movel AI is looking to make them even “smarter”, which could generate greater productivity for companies. In the third instalment of a four-part series on intellectual property, co-founders Bai Haoyu, 31, and Abhishek Gupta, 29, tell Lee Xin En how they are developing software that improves the vision of robots …

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Product Engineer

Develop deep understanding of current SLAM and robot localization products for outdoor robot navigation and self-driving car market.

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Research Engineer

Work with product engineers to understand real world challenges in robot navigation, devise valuable research questions, and conduct in-depth research to answer these questions.

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Robotics Sales Engineer

Understand client needs, priorities, and budget constraints through interviews and specification review.

Develop well-written proposals.

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